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Sep ‘18

Why You Should Renovate Your Condo in the Upper East Side

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Why You Should Take the Plunge

You’ve owned your beautiful, spacious and super refined Upper East Side, New York condo for years now, and it’s always served you well.

Maybe you’ve got a perfect location that gives you ultimate access to the luxurious shopping in the area, perhaps you’ve got a perfectly adorable, chic haven in the midst of this upscale real-estate market, maybe you’ve got a quiet pad that grants you the solace of living in this mild, bright neighborhood without the blaring city sounds.

Your little slice of heaven in the Upper East Side is perfect, but did you know that it could be even more perfect? It seems impossible, but by renovating your Upper East Side condo, even just slightly, you can appreciate your condo’s value easily, quickly, and affordably, make your heaven even more perfect, and craft the Upper East Side, dreamy condo you’ve always wanted.

If those reasons to remodel and revamp aren’t good enough, we have plenty more.

Breathe New Life into Your Home

A remodel, reboot, or condo renovation of your Upper East Side interior might be just what the doctor ordered for your home. You love your condo, sure, but if you find yourself getting a little bored or tired with the space you’re in, taking the plunge to remodel with us could be the perfect remedy. You deserve a modern, refreshed space that’s unique to you!

Remodeling can bring back the spark that you felt when you purchased this condo in the first place – it will feel like new love all over again! We view our architecture and interior design as art, offering you distinctive, custom interior designs that will always be unique to your needs and wants.

The Power of the Reboot

Consider remodeling your condo a form of, well, let’s call it apartment therapy. While it’s likely that your condo is beautiful and comfortable, there are always steps you can make toward crafting a more beautiful and more comfortable condo. Rebooting your condo’s interior can breathe new life into a place you’ve grown complacent in, enhance your excitement for living there, and make everything feel fresh and revitalized. Often, revamping your interior is all you need to feel like you’re in an entirely new space!

It Pays To Renovate

As an Upper East Side condo owner, you know that you’re situated in the middle of a comfortable, upscale real-estate market, but what you might have realized is that you can dramatically appreciate the value of your property by investing in a condo renovation. In fact, many remodels boast recovery costs between 60-85%.

Not only can you add increased functionality to your condo, along with the comfort knowing you’re living in the style you’ve always wanted, but you can also increase your property value if you plan to sell your condo in the future. Keeping your condo up-to-date, modern, and in-line with the trends of the day can help appreciate your condo’s value!

At Phil Kean Design Group, we understand the value of your condo, and we understand how to take that value and multiply it, too. Renovating your condo doesn’t have to be strictly about increasing its monetary worth, though, it certainly does help in this ever-advancing, upscale real-estate market.

Renovating can help to refresh your space, make you feel happier in it, and provide you with the comfort of knowing that your condo is beautifully-designed and comfortable.

Ready for your Upper East Side condo renovation, or perhaps you are renovating in Tribeca? We look forward to navigating your dream remodel and making it into a space you’ll cherish forever.

“By renovating your Upper East Side Condo, you can appreciate your condo's value easily, quickly, and affordably, and make your heaven even more perfect.”