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Jul ‘18

Custom Architecture & Interior Design In Tribeca (2018)

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We’re officially halfway through the year and the job of redefining the aesthetic of your Tribeca home is getting more interesting than ever before.

Phil Kean Design Group holds true to the promise of seeing you through as you get busy in redesigning and redecorating your dwelling and will continue to supercede expectations in your standard of quality and excellence in architecture and interior design in Tribeca.

In respect to the custom home design of Tribeca as a community, the condos and estates are constructed in a rustic elegant design. It still carries the character and vigor of the past without sacrificing the comforts of luxurious, modern day living.

As we step inside the lofts, we get a feel of the impeccable taste of the people living inside, from the choices of furniture, walls, and flooring designs and colors. The way everything is arranged and coordinated accommodates the need for comfort while riding the curious edge of the new modern aesthetic.

Living Room Design

The latest and greatest lofts and condos see to it that the living rooms and lounges are the perfect combination of minimalism and luxurious detail. The prevalent accents and colors are bright and contrasting. It intends to depict an aura of a progressive and vibrant life.

These rooms are punctuated with tech-inspired hues in pastel colors and are toned down by a touch of earthy colors, creams and ashen gray. Alongside the choices of hues and custom furniture, indoor plants are becoming more popular, creating an environment of peaceful and serene living, which in Lower Manhattan area, is a welcome contrast.

Whether you are entertaining friends or colleagues or having a movie night with your significant other, the balance of design and comfort is everything.

Kitchen Design

Gone are the days when cabinetry, islands, and sinks were solely situated in a functional arrangement inside the kitchen. The latest trends are reviving the old countryside vibe of Tribeca inside the kitchen with a rustic selection of stones and woods, highlighting a down to earth feel. These combinations satisfy the complex necessities a modern day life requires, without leaving behind the sophisticated touch of design.

The lighting, lamp designs, and decorative hardware are all captivating and functional while the storage and other furniture are all a feast to the senses with their bold, intricate accents and colors.

Bathroom Design

The bathroom has become a place of repose, pampering and soothing, your own spa. The walls are painted in soft pastel hues like a blush of pink and dusty olives and are muted by the richer colors of decorative pieces and gold embossed tubs, shower-heads, and deep sinks. Wide and high ceilinged windows are a pleasant surprise inside the bathroom, giving the room a natural light which draws out the character of the pieces inside.

Bedroom Design

The sleeping quarters are subdued and remarkably tranquilizing. The wooden floors are cushioned with soft, richly colored rugs mostly in hues of purple and gray. The ceilings are stressed with simple drops of chandeliers and the off-white walls are subdued by the soft glow coming from the bedside lamps. The bed is also in a luxurious array of colors from the choice of pillows and sheets to the comforters.

Truly, the dream of having your own sanctuary nestled in the middle of the city can been made possible.  

If you would like to have Phil Kean Design Group talk with you about designing your Tribeca condo, or perhaps even designing your condo in the Upper East Side, please fill out the form below and we will reach out to you within 48 hours.