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Oct ‘18

Designing Your Custom Home in Long Island

new york custom home

You see it laying in front of you. Untouched. Pure. A blank canvas with possibility nestled into its edges, curves, and property marks.

Think about it. This piece of property, this gorgeous slice on Long Island that’s all yours, this new, fresh haven with limitless potential – it could be anything.

It’s beautiful, isn’t it? The astonishing potential. And that potential is also probably, well, a touch overwhelming. That’s where we come in.

With a blank slate in front you, you have infinite possibility. Endless opportunity for construction, architecture, and design, all rolled into one, this custom, luxury residence you’re hoping to build could be, quite literally, everything you’ve ever dreamed of.

All of this potential could bloom to life in front of your eyes with the drop of the hat, with a call on the phone, or with a meeting with Phil Kean Design Group.

New Home Designs & Fresh Perspectives

You know what the beautiful thing about building your own haven is? You get to decide what it looks like. You get to choose what every bedroom, kitchen, bathroom is. Every turn, nook, and cranny are up to your discretion – it’s all yours.

Together we create the plan, craft the final look, put your own personal touch into every facet of the custom home you’re building. This is more than just a redesign of an existing structure. This is the powerful, fruitful reward that comes hand-in-hand with playing master creator of your own living space.

In front of you now, you have bare-bones, blank slate land that will someday have a gorgeous, luxury custom home sitting on top of it. You want it to be everything you’ve ever dreamed of. It’s time to find your vision, build a custom home that’s architecturally everything you’ve ever wanted.

Everything You’ve Ever Dreamed Could Be Yours, and We Can Help

As you begin to research tirelessly to craft the team who can help create your dream home on Long Island, we encourage you to explore our team.

We provide exclusive, custom, and unique design to all of our clients.

Whether you know exactly what you want, or are not sure where to begin, we’re there to help throughout the entire process. 

Phil Kean Design Group is the perfect choice for the design of your luxury custom home. Why? Because we understand that the sky is truly the limit and we have the creativity and skill to make it happen for you.

Take a deep breath, look at your landscape in front of you, and close your eyes again.

Picture what your dream home would look like. Does it have a custom, modern, all-glass entryway? Is it dripping with sharp, clever details? Is it white brick? Is it uniquely you? What does it look like?

Imagine explaining every facet of your dream home to someone who can sketch it out more beautifully, build it more beautifully, and perfect the final details more beautifully than you ever imagined.

At Phil Kean Design Group, we can make that dream come to life.