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Aug ‘18

Manhattan Condo Renovations

manhattan condo renovations

Whether you are a full-time resident or someone who lives in the Big Apple part of the time, owning your condo in Manhattan is a lovely experience, but as you know, it also comes with a few key challenges, especially when it comes to renovating your NYC condo.

These barriers can turn what should be an enjoyable process into an overly-stressful one. Take, for example, staying up-to-date with both the form and function of your condo. It needs to be structurally sound and meet all NYC regulatory standards—which change throughout the years—keep up with evolving technology, and be aesthetically pleasing.

Each of these requirements—yes, a beautiful and inviting living space is a requirement—can spark a need for a condo renovation. The feeling that things could be better, a new design, a new look- a new theme.

This should be a process full of creativity and excitement – not worry and stress.

That’s why we’re here to provide you a few helpful hints and a little guidance before you embark on your own renovation!

Decide On What You Want

Needless to say, renovating your condo can be a sizable investment, especially in Manhattan. And when you begin researching the seemingly infinite possibilities of design, it can be hard to decide on exactly what you want.

While standing out from the crowd doesn’t need to be your top priority, your condo should be reflective of your tastes and unique personality. One of the keys to differentiating yourself and your condo from the multitude of others is working with an architect who really understands your ideas and who can bring a creative perspective to help you achieve stunning results.  

This is exactly what Phil Kean Designs does best.  When you meet with Mr. Kean himself, he will begin to sketch out ideas as you both talk, to hone in on your ideas and help you define and refine exactly what you are after so that you will be able, one day soon, to step into your dream condo, exactly as you dream it to be.

Go All The Way

The best renovations change the way you feel when you are in your condo.  It changes the way you experience your morning brew of coffee, your late night glass of cabernet sauvignon with friends.  

When you want to revitalize your entire space, sometimes this means taking down the entire condo to install new kitchens, new bathrooms, new bedrooms and living rooms, knocking out a wall here, opening up space there – to create a more spacious feeling, or putting down beautiful new hardwood floors throughout.

Choosing which renovations will give you the most luxurious, modern condo is not something to leave to chance. The important thing is that you get exactly what you are after in an intentional and strategic way and create a sublime, timeless design that will raise the value of your condo and energize and inspire.


Consider embracing clean, open design elements. Letting in natural light is never a bad idea and can really bring a bright, airy feeling to your condo. Utilizing design elements that catch the eye without being kitschy, can make your condo uniquely yours, your signature, your fingerprint, your hideaway in Manhattan.

If you’re unsure where to start or if you have ideas that you want to see designed and built into reality – why not have Phil Kean Designs help you clarify, refine and expand on your ideas for your Manhattan condo renovation?  If you’re interested, please fill in the form below and someone will get to you within 48 business hours.