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Nov ‘18

Renovate Your Condo in Dumbo, Brooklyn, NYC

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When you bought a condo tucked away in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Dumbo, you knew exactly what you were doing.  Now known as the richest, most tech-advanced and hottest spot in all of New York City, Dumbo is without question, simultaneously the neighborhood that everyone wants a piece of and that very few can get their hands on.


Because Dumbo, an acronym for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass, is no longer the starving-artist, ferry-landing area of Brooklyn’s past. Enter tech start-ups. Enter stunning waterfront. Enter unobstructed views of Manhattan’s skyscrapers. Enter upscale restaurants, boutiques, creative industry and more.

All of that adds up to steep property value and a reputation as a must-live-in-neighborhood. And it’s only growing.

You were savvy enough to buy in this area, and now, you’re realizing that you’re savvy enough to capitalize further on this trend and remodel, reinvent, and renovate your condo.

Why Should You Renovate Your Condo in Dumbo, Brooklyn?

The biggest reason you should renovate your condo is that its market value is surging with every passing moment. Dumbo is the neighborhood with the most rapidly increasing property value in New York City.

Aside from the fact that a smart investment – like your Dumbo condo – should always be well-maintained, updated and kept current, your property lies perfectly in the middle of the most luxurious and wealthiest area in Brooklyn.  We know you want it to reflect that.

Condo renovation isn’t just the boring, simple image of a retiled kitchen. Instead, a Phil Kean Design Group will improve your quality of life and inspire you to love your home.

Consider your condo for a moment. Now, consider the condo next door. Now, the one two doors down. Are they all the same? Do you see the same paint colors, the same layouts, the same bathroom fixtures, the same kitchen setups?

A renovation of your condo can bring your unique vision to life. Remodeling gives you access to something new, something different, something completely specific to what you want and that supports your lifestyle.

The cookie-cutter-condo is the way of the past.  You want unique, you want you, and renovation can give you that.

How Can Phil Kean Design Group Renovate Your Condo in Dumbo?

At Phil Kean Design Group, we provide our clients the complete solution for award-winning design based on your vision and lifestyle. We specialize in distinctive, luxury residences that are more than just dwellings – they are works of art.

We can provide you with comfort, style, class and sophistication, all melded into one space that’s all your own. Your ideas, the goals you have, the vision you’ve always had for your condo? Phil Kean Design Group can make all of them come to life.

Is it time to make your Dumbo condo luxurious and sophisticated? Let us turn your dreams into reality, right in front of your eyes.