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Dec ‘18

5 Renovation Tips Every SoHo Condo Owner Needs to Know

new york condo renovation

SoHo, decidedly, has become the New York neighborhood with the most dazzling and fashionable reputation of all. From trendy boutiques to the creative vibe that pulses throughout the neighborhood (no doubt due to the resident artists and celebrities) to the sweeping galleries, SoHo’s charm has no limit.

More importantly, it has a reputation for being a never-ending hotbed for real estate opportunities and soaring property values, unique commercial spaces, and of course, plenty of upscale, trendy New York condos like yours just waiting for that magic wand of renovation.

Perhaps you’ve just purchased a SoHo condo and you want to give it your own touch amongst the quaint backdrop of cafes, restaurants, and cobblestone streets. Maybe you’re a long time owner and are looking to rekindle your love affair with your home. No matter the case, if you’re planning to revamp your condo in SoHo, there are a few renovation tips you need to be aware of.

In the next few moments, as our gift to you at Phil Kean Design Group, with our years of experience in luxury residence design, we’ll share some useful tips to help you in your renovation adventure.

1. Start With The End In Mind

Could you use these renovation tips on your SoHo condo to make your day to day life more comfortable and luxurious for you and your family? Are you considering putting your condo on the SoHo market in the next year or two? Do you want to create a beautiful space to entertain?

Addressing what your purpose is in your pre-planning stage is easy to overlook because we can get lost in the potential, the possibility that is within arms reach. Amid the exciting emotions that come up, we have to take a moment to define what purpose the renovation will serve – because that end result will significantly affect the design process.

Having a grasp on this will help make your renovation process concise and more successful in the end. For example, if you’re looking to improve your condo for entertainment or your own comfort and luxury, all you really need to understand are your own preferences; however, if you’re hoping to make your SoHo condo appeal to a future buyer, you may need to understand more about the latest and upcoming design trends.

2. Dream, Dream, Dream!

Dare to dream. This is your adventure. Phil Kean Design Group understands that your renovation is unique, custom, and specific to you and your location, and in SoHo, you deserve to dream up the perfect renovation experience.

Consider all your options, dream out loud and be bold with your ideas. Despite having a coveted space in SoHo, we know that’s not enough to turn your condo into a home, so give yourself the permission to daydream and let your visions soar. Gather all the ideas you can find. From interior design magazines to Pinterest and Instagram, inspiration is everywhere.

It’s your job to dream, it’s our job to make that dream come true.

3. Never Rush the Planning Stages

Renovating, in general, is a complicated enough process, construction plans and permits are just the start – however, renovating in New York City, especially in a neighborhood like SoHo, can be exceptionally tricky. Take your time during the planning periods so that you’re best able to determine what works and what doesn’t. Partner with us to determine the tough questions, make realistic decisions, so that your dream condo to come to life in front of you.

4. Keep An Eye Out For The Latest & Upcoming Trends

Particularly if you’re choosing to renovate your SoHo condo with future buyers or renters in mind, this is an integral part of your renovation process. While SoHo probably could carry a future buyer your way simply because of your neighborhood shimmering with art and culture, the real “deal-sealer” is the modernity and in-style touches that your condo showcases.

Staying in the know can be tough, especially if you want to stay ahead of the curve, but with Phil Kean Design Group, understanding modern architecture, contemporary interiors, and the latest trends – you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that you have the latest and greatest as well as a timeless design.

5. Work With The Right Designer – It Makes Everything Better

Experienced renovators know that your renovation will only be as good as your designer. This is one time you want to be extra choosy and make sure you are in the best of hands. Look for ample experience, awards and that high-end touch in their portfolio.

Because of SoHo’s reputation, property values, and environment of art and culture, there are certain expectations for your SoHo condo. When it comes time to renovate your condo, you need a partner that eats, breathes and sleeps high-end, modern luxury design, and will unlock that pro-designer touch you see in celebrity home tours and design magazines.

Phil Kean Design Group is that partner, and with our years of experience, we’re well-equipped and prepared to help you redesign the SoHo condo of your dreams. To speak with us, simply fill out the form below and we look forward to meeting you.