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Feb ‘19

Phil Kean Design Group Takes Home “Best in American Living” Award


The Bridge House Recognized For Super Design

Phil Kean Design Group Takes Home “Best in American Living” Award for Luxury Single Family Custom Home

One glance at The Bridge House tells you that it is an architectural masterpiece. Allow the clean, guiding lines to draw you in and you’ll see the nuance: clever and calming water features, the generous and functional incorporation of glass, and the natural build materials that both blend into the landscape and rise from it as a tribute. It is a house that stands out, but undoubtedly belongs—a testament to the melding of luxury and usability that is a trademark of Phil Kean Design Group.

It is this attention to detail that sets The Bridge House apart. The crisp lines are striking, there is a traditional charisma that permeates the modern design cues, and many of the distinct features from the exterior carry into the interior, creating a sense of cohesion.

The Bridge House is not a surprise for Phil Kean Design Group; it is a standard example of the work the group prides itself on each day, no matter what the project. It is that same mindset that motivates their planning and design approach from conception to finished product. Each building is designed to be beautiful and to function precisely as the client desires. The Bridge House embodies this approach.

The clients who commissioned this project entertain prolifically, a lifestyle that calls for large amounts of usable space and the ability to host on both an indoor and outdoor level. The design cues inspire feelings of warmth as they welcome you into the home. From the rich, earthy tones of the wood that adorns fireplace mantel, beams, stairwell, kitchen island, and other accents to the intentional “less-is-more” approach, everything about the interior of The Bridge House beckons admirers of the exterior to come indoors and enjoy the space.

Gorgeous simplicity and convenient functionality are not synonymous with a lack of uniqueness or innovation, however. A folding door unit graces the home with ample sunlight when closed and easily facilitates indoor-outdoor entertaining, making it a beautiful and practical feature that stands out even when flawlessly blending into the overall design. The double-functioning wet bar between the kitchen and summer kitchen similarly adds a creative and innovative touch to the minimalist interior design.

It is the culmination of this excellence, this attention to detail, and this dedication to collaboration that led to The Bridge House. So, it is with great pride and gratitude that Phil Kean Design Group can accept the Best in American Living award for single-family home design. This prestigious award recognizes outcome, but it is the countless hours spent behind the scenes that truly deserve recognition. Without the tremendous effort and innumerable time invested in planning, design, communicating, adjusting, and innovating, The Bridge House would not be the success that it is today.

When you drink in the beauty of The Bridge House, take a moment to bask in the sublime artistic detail and let the harmonious details immerse you. Notice the texture of the stacked stone, the sharp complementary angles of the water features, and the irresistible wood accents before you look beyond the breathtaking aesthetics to see a home that fits the specific needs of its owners, and more, the culmination of inspiration and hard work. The structure is being awarded, and rightfully so, and through it, the creativity, dedication, and innovation that the Phil Kean Design Group puts forth every day are also being recognized.