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  1. The New American Remodel 2020 – Architecture by Phil Kean Design Group

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    Phil Kean Design Group Takes On The New American Remodel at the 2020 International Builders’ Show in Las Vegas, Jan 21-23


    From Classic Ranch to Green Luxury


    Sometimes a home seems to arise naturally from its surroundings and environment to strike a perfect balance between complementing the world around it and making a statement that is wholly its own. When such a precise equilibrium is found, it almost feels as though it always existed and it becomes difficult to imagine anything else ever being in its place.

    Phil Kean Design Group recently had the opportunity to design the remodel of a ranch-style home from the mid-1970’s and the result is nothing short of breathtaking.

    The 2020 New American Remodel – Architecture by Phil Kean Design Group from Phil Kean Design Group on Vimeo.

    The visual design is pristine, appealing to even the most discerning aesthetic eye while also tugging at the heartstrings. Clear, modern lines are given an airiness thanks to their beautiful light hues, then give way to floor-to-ceiling windows that accentuate the open, luxurious look and feel. It is this blending of the indoors and outdoors that truly give this remodel its life.

    The vision of a home that belongs to and enhances the surrounding area in concert with its fundamental design is part of what makes Phil Kean Design Group projects so distinct. Placing, for example, an open-air balcony on the second floor to provide an uninterrupted view of the Las Vegas strip showcases a creativity and attention to detail that underscores the masterful nuance of the design. Yet another illustration is shown in the design of a home that centers around an established tree demonstrating appreciation of natural features and a commitment to accentuating their beauty.

    The transformation of this 40-year-old house is not limited to improving the aesthetics or creating a stunning echo of Nevada’s unique landscape. The melding of man-made structure and the earth it rises from is more than lip service, it is a monument to a brighter future.

    Through the use of alternative energy sources, primarily solar panels, this classic ranch house evolved into a green luxury residence. In fact, Phil Kean Design Group has specifically designed this home to achieve the National Green Building Standard’s “Emerald” certification, Energy Star certification, and a net-zero status.

    nahb 2020 phil kean design group

    Phil Kean Design Group is synonymous with cutting-edge architectural design, unabashed creativity and exquisite balance between the trifecta of elegance, functionality and sustainability. The indoor-outdoor of this project includes a lovely central courtyard and features an alluring pool and summer kitchen. Also found are five gorgeous fireplaces, an impressive wine room and every other luxurious modern home feature you’d find in your dreams.

    The flawless blend between convenience and class with a clear emphasis on a green future is a hallmark of Phil Kean Design Group. The value placed on usable luxury is obvious, and so too, is the dedication to innovation within sustainability. The New American Remodel 2020 is undoubtedly one more example of what happens when an award-winning group of talented architects is dedicated to creating something beautiful, but also something far more inspiring—a beacon of a bright, more sustainable future of luxury.

    If you are attending NAHB’s 2020 International Builders’ Show in Las Vegas January 21-23, be sure to tour the home by picking up your complimentary shuttle bus tickets at the TNAH/TNAR ticket booths in the northwest entrance of the grand lobby. If you aren’t attending, you can view photos here https://philkeandesigns.com/portfolio/the-new-american-remodeled-home-2020-remodel/.

    If you are interested in speaking with Phil Kean Design Group about designing your luxury residence or remodel, please complete the form below and a representative we will be in touch.

    Renderings by Architecture by Phil Kean, LLC / Photos by Jeffrey A. Davis Photography, Inc.


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  2. Florida Architect Phil Kean Chosen to Design and Build The 2017 New American Home and The 2017 New American Remodeled Home

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    For the first time in the history of the International Builders Show, NAHB has selected one Florida architecture firm, Phil Kean Design Group, to be the Architect, Interior Designer and Builder for both The 2017 New American Home and The 2017 New American Remodeled Home. No strangers to the excitement and thrill of the challenge, PKDG was previously chosen to design and build The 2012 New American Home for which they received numerous accolades.

    PKDG enjoys an international reputation for distinctive award-winning modern architecture and contemporary interior design. “We are extremely excited and honored to be selected as the design/build group for both of these prestigious projects,” said Phil Kean, President of PKDG. “Both homes will be located in Lake Nona Golf & Country Club. It’s an ideal setting for further elevating innovative design and incorporating the latest technologies into our signature indoor/outdoor luxury living.”

    The Showcase

    The NAHB International Builders Show is the largest annual show of its kind in the world. Each year the most advanced building products and services are brought together to showcase the latest in technologies, products and materials. On top of the already incredible attachment to the International Builders Show for 2017, the Show Homes will be featured at the 2017 American Institute of Architects (AIA) National Convention with events and tours of both homes, as well as the 2016 opening of the National Tennis Association World Headquarters at Lake Nona.

    The Location

    Lake Nona Golf & Country Club, a Tavistock Development, is a short drive from the Orlando Convention Center and Orlando International Airport. Lake Nona Country Club is also home to many international golf celebrities currently on the PGA tour. Edging up to the new Laureate Park and Medical City, the area has become one of the five fastest growing communities in the country and has been designated by John Chambers, CEO/CISCO as the ninth Iconic City of the World and first in the U.S.

    The Homes

    “The 2017 New American Home and The 2017 New American Remodeled Home are inspiring opportunities on so many levels,” Kean explained. “One allows us a clean canvas of light and space for creating warmth, beauty and indoor/outdoor livability in ways that are altogether new.” On the other hand he says, “There’s absolute artistry involved in remodeling a beautiful home using the latest technology, sustainable design products and new materials such as those showcased at the International Builders Show.”


    Great American Remodel

    The home selected for The New American Remodeled Home was built in the 1980’s and is a perfect example of the architecture and styling of that time. The transformation of this 4,000 square foot home from 80’s styling to Bahamian styled architecture will be astounding and an inspiration to both current owners of homes in need of renovations and updating and also the builders that will be providing the services. Updates will include both cosmetic and energy efficiencies. The market price of this home is projected to be approximately $1.5 million dollars.

    New American Home

    The New American Home, with a market price in excess of $4 million dollars, will be less than 8,000 square feet on one floor with International styling. Kean will display a superb use of glass, openness and indoor-outdoor lifestyle living to take advantage of the lake and golf views, along with the Central Florida climate. Styled as “pod living”, unused rooms can be closed off when not in use. PKDG will be striving for “Net Zero” status and the highest of energy efficiencies. Known for its specialty in sustainable architecture, PKDG’s 2012 New American Home was designated the “Greenest Home in the State of Florida, 2012.”

    Kean approaches each new modern home design or remodel with a fresh eye and keen sense for creating spaces that are inviting, livable and yet remarkably cutting edge. PKDG is renowned for their elegant mastery of the latest technological advances and attention to detail in designing one-of-a-kind custom homes and remodels.

    It is already apparent that those visiting The 2017 New American Home and The 2017 Great American Remodel are in for an extraordinary design experience. Phil Kean and PKDG are favorites among their peers, homeowners and prospective homebuyers alike. The 2017 NAHB IBS will be held January 11-13, 2017 in Orlando, Florida with an expected attendance of more than 50,000 people.