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Dec ‘23

PKDG’s Feature Home Design & Project of the Year for 2023

home design featured residence the pearl

PKDG’s Feature Home Design & Project of the Year for 2023

A Harmonious Synthesis of Sophistication and Comfort

featured pkdg home design of 2023

Phil Kean Design Group is proud to conceive a true architectural gem with our recently published island inspired home in Florida Design magazine (December 2023 issue Vol 33 #4).  Located in the exclusive Golden Oak community at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, this island-style castle is aptly dubbed “The Pearl“.

Read the full Florida Design article here.

florida design magazine december 2023 cover

With designs originating in our Winter Park, Florida based design studio, PKDG integrated seamless indoor-outdoor living reflecting an elevated Florida ethos. The architecture neatly wraps around a central courtyard space with pool to create resort style privacy while allowing pool views from nearly every interior space in the home, including the rooftop terrace.

The homes main entrance reveals a living space that champions spatial efficiency and design precision. The interiors are marked by a deliberate choice of marble and wood, creating a dialogue between strength and grace. The use of French doors amplifies the space with natural light, enhancing the intentional minimalism that defines the area. An approach inherent in Phil Kean Design Group.

Consisting of a detailed composition of marble, the main flooring sets the stage for a luminous interplay with both natural and artificial light sources. The strategic placement of these sources casts a variety of shadows and highlights throughout the day, accentuating the homes meticulous craftsmanship and design. Wooden elements offer a tactile warmth to the space, serving as a subtle nod to naturalistic inspirations.

For “The Pearl”, PKDG embraced an island aesthetic blending inspirations from Spanish, Bermudan, and Alys Beach architecture. This whimsical castle was tailored for the pie-shaped lot through for creative and highly functional courtyard layout.

Furniture within the home is chosen for functionality and visual harmony. The neutral tones of the upholstery balance the statement made by the robust marble coffee table at the center of the communal area.

Featuring a staircase that serves as a key focal point in the home, its design embraces  minimalism and durability. Metal and wood are intertwined in a display of PKDG’s commitment to material integrity and architectural balance.

Driven by a design philosophy that less is more, detailing throughout the home is measured and intentional. The placement of gold sconces is an example of PKDG’s approach to subtle ornamentation that serves both aesthetic and practical purposes.

the pearl home design interior

This latest featured project by Phil Kean Design Group stands as a testament to their understanding that true luxury lies in the quality of design and its execution. It showcases our ability to create spaces that are both visually compelling and fundamentally livable. With this build, PKDG reinforces their position in the vanguard of contemporary residential architecture, offering a home that is a sanctuary of both thought and practice. 

To discuss your vision for a bespoke living space that blends artistic design with meticulous craftsmanship, connect with Phil Kean Design Group. Reach out for a personalized consultation, either through our online inquiry form or by phone at 407-599-3922. Your dream home awaits your first step.

Let’s sculpt your future residence into a pinnacle of architectural excellence.

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