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Jun ‘23

Luxury Design-Build for Homes Meant to Last Generations

luxury design build in florida architecture

As Phil Kean Design Group surpasses its 21st year of luxury design-build for modern residences across Central Florida, we reflect on how PKDG has been able to achieve growth and staying power in its local market and around the world.

PKDG’s goal is to bring their clients’ dream homes to life, but an oft-overlooked aspect of delivering on that promise is the inherent expectation that luxury homes are meant to last the test of time.  PKDG’s luxury home designs convey sophistication, artistry, and persistence into the future of modern architecture.

modern luxury design build in florida

While the idea of timelessness implies excellence in the architcture design, it also encompasses that each design-build project will have a style that is relevant decades and generations into the future.  Forward-thinking is not particularly common in residential design; however, it is something PKDG pays great attention to on each project.

Timeless design is a PKDG hallmark

Headquartered in Winter Park, Florida, PKDG’s specialty is the design-build of distinctive, custom, luxury residences. The firm provides design-build services in Central Florida, St. Petersburg, and Central Florida’s beaches, and architectural servics worldwide. Florida’s modern architecture space has provided us with a wonderful environment to grow our firm and expand into new spaces.  Alongside PKDG’s decorated team of modern design-build architects is their team of talented interior designers and kitchen designers. 

PKDG’s architectural designs are crafted to be functional, beautiful, and relevant across multiple generations, making today’s investment tomorrow’s heritage. PKDG’s approach to luxury residential architecture reflects a distinctive style, incorporating modern elements.  One of their key strategies is the blending the home’s design with the surrounding natural elements, ensuring a serene living environment that complements nature.

An overview to design-build

PKDG offers a comprehensive design-build services. From initial sketches to draperies and pillows, PKDG provides a holistic, company-wide approach to:

  • Modern architecture
  • Residential construction
  • Interior design
  • Kitchen design

PKDG also uses three-dimensional renderings, making it possible to adjust designs before the commencement of construction, saving time and ensuring client satisfaction. 

From modern to transitional architectural design

Versatility matters. If you browse PKDG’s residential design portfolio, one of the first things you’ll notice is that PKDG has created a wide variety of home designs over the years.

modern luxury design build in florida

Virginia Elegance–a statement in luxury, transitional design-build–leverages contemporary design elements.

transitional home design with a luxury backyard

The Modern Hacienda features a mixture of traditional Italian and modern architecture, prioritizing luxury in it’s outdoor courtyard space too.

PKDG enjoys designing all architectural styles, from modern, to traditional, to transitional design. Thier portfolio showcases PKDG’s committment to their diverse clientele’s tastes and style.  
Whether a client’s aspiration is for a state-of-the-art contemporary home or a classic Tudor residence with a modern edge, PKDG possesses the architectural acumen to manifest each vision into a home design that surpasses the clients’ expectations. 

Winter Park: in ode to our founding locale

Winter Park serves as both the birthplace and the operational headquarters for PKDG.  The community plays a key role in shaping the local architectural designs and PKDG’s approach to modern homes.  PKDG is honored to have been recognized locally over the years with multiple “Best of Winter Park” awards. When you are in the area, you will find the company’s offices in downtown Winter Park on Fairbanks Avenue and the homes they’ve designed and built throughout the city.

phil kean design group offices exterior

PKDG’s offices and design center are located at 952 W. Fairbanks Avenue, Winter Park, Florida 32789.

The significance of Winter Park to PKDG’s approach to home design simply cannot be overstated. Its cultural richness and diverse architectural styles has made it a natural canvas for PKDG’s modern architectural innovation.

To embark on the journey of crafting your dream luxury residence with Phil Kean Design Group, initiate a conversation with their dedicated team today. For consultations and further information, reach out via our contact form or call their office directly, 407-599-3922.

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