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  1. How We Accentuate Modern Luxury Residences

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    Modern luxury residences rely on aesthetic and seamless functionality.

    Oftentimes, crafting the perfect luxury residence has less to do with the big picture and grandeur, and actually has more to do with the smaller, more intricate details that piece the modern home together.

    In other words, the smallest touches make the biggest differences.

    While notable additions like integrated outdoor/indoor spaces, fitness centers, and bright, functional kitchens surely have their place in modern luxury residences, the attention to detail distinguishes a well thought-out modern home that works.

    Here are the top four places we accentuate our modern luxury residences:

    1. Foyers & Entranceways

    2. Custom Doors

    3. Glass Walls & Floor-to-Ceiling Windows

    4. Multi-Textured Exteriors

    luxury staircase

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    Foyers & Entranceways


    Firstly, a well-designed foyer commands attention–it sets the tone for a home’s design.

    This vital detail of a home acts as the elegant transition from the outside of a home to the inside of it. Foyers that are intentionally designed with modern aesthetic and functionality in mind may feature elements such as high ceilings, floor-to-ceiling windows, sculptural staircases that draw the eye upward, extraordinary finishes, and state-of-the-art lighting that provide an elegant finish that grants grace to the rest of your home.

    Custom Doors


    Next, our modern luxury residences incorporate custom doors. This seemingly small detail can enhance a home’s aesthetic immediately by acting as luxury focal point before you step inside of your home.

    Modern double-front doors with specific uses of glass and unique doors made from uniquely sourced or handcrafted materials can create a clean and efficient statement that offers an impressive, luxury aesthetic. Front doors with custom designs act as more than just entranceways. They also act as a key integral element of the home’s complete design.


    Glass Walls & Floor-to-Ceiling Windows


    Additionally, floor-to-ceiling windows and glass walls offer a modern, clean aesthetic that integrates functionality by providing your luxury home with ample natural lighting. Floor-to-ceiling windows, especially when integrated throughout specific key areas of the home, can virtually eliminate the border between your indoor living space and nature outside. Wall-style windows create a spacious, open living area warmed with sunlight.

    modern residential architecture

    Photo Credit: Uneek Image

    Multi-Textured Exteriors


    Lastly, the exterior textures of modern luxury residences aren’t always considered as the focal points of a luxury home.

    However, understanding small details like the thoughtful layering of modern textures transform a home from the appearance of something standard into a something luxury or modern. From white-washed brick and rich wood to multi-colored stone and neutral paint, a well-designed, intentional home exterior featuring richly-contrasting textures can dramatically improve the luxurious look and feel of a home.

    modern residential designs

    Photo Credit: Uneek Image


    If you’ve enjoyed this article, we anticipate you’ll enjoy reading through our archive of interior design and luxury home articles available here. Additionally, please enjoy exploring our ever-growing residential portfolio here, which is filled with our inspiring interiors and examples of our unique, modern luxury residential design.

  2. Every Luxury Home Needs These 6 Amazing Rooms

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    Modern luxury home Birmingham AL

    Building your luxury home design is exhilarating – the possibilities are simply endless! If you are looking for specialty rooms that elevate your home to the upper echelons of design, you’ve come to the right place. Here are six amazing rooms you should consider adding to your luxury home design:

    1. Game Room

    A well-appointed game room can be the perfect place to unwind, embrace your competitive side, and even host guests. Consider the possibilities–a billiards match, energizing light emanating from your state-of-the-art video game setup, and a cozy, modern sofa to watch your favorite movies.

    No longer are game rooms limited to the old image of concrete basements and mini-fridges. Things have changed. In many luxury estates, you can find a much different room – well-appointed with luxurious materials, custom furniture and creative modern takes on what play and relaxation can look like.

    2. Home Library

    Rich wood floorings, the classic look of antique books, the comfortable embrace of leather–the home library can be your quiet nook for the next rainy day. Your impressive collection of books and art allow you to escape into your own world within the pages of your next read.

    3. Home Office

    Having a comfortable home office space to work, research or handle business activities is important, especially if you want to take that early morning conference call without heading into work. A dedicated space allows you to focus and be more productive in your very own environment.

    Switch on your favorite music and don’t forget, if you need a coffee or snack, your kitchen is only steps away. A home office grants you the versatility to conduct business, host and enjoy a produce space without leaving the house.

    4. Theater

    The biggest game of the season is inching closer; you and your loved one just enjoyed an indulgent home-cooked meal for date night. You have had friends and family over to stream the latest blockbuster…what do all of these scenarios have in common? They’re enhanced by a home theater, of course!

    Plush chairs and ambient lighting with awe-inspiring audiovisual systems. Your home theater can give you and your guests the perfect place to reconnect and recharge.

    5. Wine Room

    Like most things, wine should be properly stored. If you have an extensive collection, rather than relying on a few underperforming wine racks, many luxury homes are incorporating their very own wine rooms.

    For the connoisseur, you can take precise control over the temperature, humidity, and other environmental factors in which your wine will be stored, ensuring optimal conditions for long-term aging. We can even incorporate a tasting area and impressive display to enjoy with company.

    6. Home Bar

    Each amenity mentioned thus far would arguably be more enjoyable with a drink in hand, so why not include a home bar in your new luxury home design? Whether you prefer the minimalist décor of modernism or the richness of traditional design, your home bar can add that special touch that can bring an extra sparkle into your evening.

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  3. 7 Things You Need to Know About the Interior Design of Your New Home

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    Building a new luxury home can be exciting – and overwhelming! The possibilities are endless and the ability to customize is limited only by your imagination. So, what do you need to know about interior design as you embark on one of life’s most exhilarating journeys? Here are our top seven tips to get you started!

    1. Entertainment

    Your desire to entertain will hold sway over the interior design of your home. Rather than having smaller, separate rooms and limited seating, for example, you will want to have a more open-concept layout that is conducive to gatherings. Allowing and encouraging people to mingle in various open spaces–whether it be around the kitchen or outdoors–is key to hosting memorable social events.

    2.  Iconic Pieces

    interior design tv room

    Décor is all-important to the interior design of your home. From tying rooms together conceptually to standing out as eye-catching conversation starters, the right iconic pieces are excellent for adding that “pop” to any space. Best of all, they can either conform to or diverge from the rest of your styling, giving you the flexibility to choose something that speaks to you.

    3.  Natural Light

    Lighting can make or break a space, so it is vital to consider it when designing your home. Even the direction that windows face can drastically change the feeling of openness a particular room may have. Remember, natural light is softer than artificial lighting and makes your space feel larger and more inviting.

    4.  Lighting Plan

    A well thought-out lighting plan can be a magical factor that transforms your home into a true luxury dwelling. From setting a particular mood or highlighting a featured piece in your home, the advantages of strategic lighting are worth looking at with a professorial eye when considering the interior design of your new space.

    5.  Furniture Pieces

    While there is a multitude of retailers with collections of furniture, a truly luxurious home will have custom furniture pieces that not only fit the needs of its owner but also blend seamlessly into the design of the structure and the concept of the design. These custom touches can be the difference between an extraordinary, award-winning interior design and one that feels nondescript.

    6.  Concepts

    interior design at baypoint

    Whether you want each room to flow naturally into the next, or you want distinct styles for each, determining and deciding on which concepts to use is integral to making your dream come to life. A beach house, for example, may have a single, cohesive house-wide theme, while a home for a family with young children may want a distinct theme for each of the children’s bedrooms.

    7.  Comfort

    Homes serve many purposes–from hosting friends and family to entertaining–but at the end of the day, they are just that: a home. It’s where you live, where you spend the majority of your time, and where your most treasured memories are made. So, no matter how breathtaking you want your designs or how elaborate your décor may be, be sure to fuse the beauty of your design with comfort that facilitates deep rest and relaxation. Don’t let this key aspect of your home get lost in the excitement of building something incredible!

    Our final thoughts…

    Creating a piece of art is exciting, and that excitement is only compounded when your artistic creation is your own home! No matter what direction you decide to take when deciding on the interior design of  your dream home, be sure to partner with designers and builders that will dream with you and help guide you toward making your imagination come to life. Look for accolades and a portfolio that represents the vision you have in mind.

    If you are interested in speaking to the design team at Phil Kean Designs Group, please fill in the form below and our staff will reach out to you. Thank you for reading!


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  4. “Top Custom Home Builder of 2019” Awarded by Orlando Business Journal

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    Phil Kean Design Group Awarded “Top Custom Home Builder in Florida”

    Many impressive homes rise from the lush green landscape of Central Florida. Gracing lakesides, enhancing the scenic vistas of oceanfront, standing in distinct accord against the impossibly blue skies of the Sunshine State, modern architecture is a common sight in the surrounding area of Orlando. While you can find example after example of such beautiful structures, those from one particular custom homebuilder stand out from the rest.

    Phil Kean Design Group could be considered the epitome of modern architecture design but in reality, it is so much more. Its creations are more than blueprints for buildings. Instead, it embraces the challenge of finding unity between landscapes, the needs and desires of clients, and the individual artistry with which each home is imbued. Time after time, Phil Kean Design Group achieves the coveted balance needed to elevate an incomparable modern structure to the status of a one-of-a-kind, completely custom, luxurious dwelling. It is no wonder, then, that once again the prestigious accolade of Top Custom Home Builder has been received in 2019.

    Clean, alluring lines speak to the irresistible artistic quality that is poured into each design, while the surrounding landscape is accounted for, allowing designs to dance with and complement the scenery rather than stand starkly against it.

    The generous incorporation of glass emphasizes the harmonious bond between home and nature–a harmony that can be found in every aspect of each home, from the building materials to the calming inclusion of water features.

    Each home, while strikingly modern and tech-forward, manages to find the impossible balance and integration between architecture and nature, giving them an organic feeling that many others attempt to replicate. This openness and organic fluidity flows into each masterpiece by Phil Kean Design Group. This is another way in which the Group sets itself apart. Rather than exercise in the sharp angles and cold minimalism that has become synonymous with contemporary architecture, the designs and dwellings one sees and enters are welcoming and created to be lived din, to entertain, and to savor.

    Each client’s specific needs and desires are taken into consideration and woven seamlessly into the tapestry of the final product, giving a unique personal fingerprint to each home the group completes. From warm outdoor spaces for hosting summer dinner parties to bespoke interiors that make each room a piece of a cohesive whole, Phil Kean Design Group’s homes are as functional as they are inspiring.

    Each design is ambitious without being superfluous, intimate yet artistic, and uncompromisingly stands on it own. With such work that simultaneously pushes boundaries and retains effortless beauty, Phil Kean Design Group is not just the epitome of modern architecture–it is the relentless evolution thereof.

    We invite you to peruse the full portfolio and see with your own eyes the work, the designs – the wonder of modern architecture – that the judges at OBJ have named “The Top Custom Home Builder Of 2019”.

    If you are interested in having Phil Kean Design Group design your own slice of heaven, please fill out the form below and you will be contacted within 48 hours.


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  5. Downtown Living Gets the Phil Kean Treatment with New Luxury Townhomes

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    For years, high-rises have dominated the downtown Orlando skyline as the premier residential options in the urban city center. Phil Kean Design Group has set out to change that with the design of ten new brownstone-style townhome residences in the heart of downtown.

    Unique Features and Open, Spacious Floor Plans

    Drawing inspiration from the iconic New York City Brownstones so often pictured as the epitome of luxury living, the townhomes of élan on Marks feature no shortage of breathtaking touches. Ten-foot ceilings and large glass windows and doors add light and create a feeling of space, while a floating staircase with thick, wood treads and a clear, glass railing delivers the modern, dramatic style Phil Kean is renowned for.

    When it comes to creating a modern floor plan fit for young, urban professionals living in downtown Orlando, open living spaces are the perfect choice. The Marks St. townhomes will feature two to three bedrooms and three-and-a-half baths, ideal for singles or those looking to start a family. From the private, two-car garage, residents will be able to reach the fourth-floor rooftop terrace via elevator, enjoying panoramic views of downtown from this versatile outdoor space.

    Downtown Location in Orlando’s North Quarter

    Orlando’s North Quarter is a fast-growing urban district in the heart of downtown and quickly making a name for itself throughout the city. With stylish high-rises, upscale eateries and, soon, the élan on Marks townhomes, the North Quarter has truly earned its reputation as the next great neighborhood in Orlando for those looking for a slice of luxury downtown living. Residents of the new townhomes will be just a short walk away from both fine dining and casual options, as well as shopping, nightlife, parks and everything else the city’s center has to offer.

    With two other luxury townhome developments underway in Winter Park, Phil Kean Design Group’s élan on Marks residences will deliver high-end design and world-class architecture to the streets of Orlando’s North Quarter.

  6. Phil Kean Design Group Earns Grand Award and More at 2017 Parade of Homes

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    A 50-year tradition and designation of excellence amongst top homebuilders, the Parade of HomesTM boasts a legacy of prestige and awards only the highest honors in luxury homes, production homes and extraordinary remodels. This year, Phil Kean Design Group was once again recognized as a top contender within the showcase event, taking home major awards in multiple categories.

    About the Parade of HomesTM

    Each year, the Greater Orlando Builders Association offers a first-hand exploration of the latest trends in home design, advanced technology in energy efficiency, and innovative building and design practices during the Parade of HomesTM showcase event. This free, self-guided tour is ideal for residents considering a home remodel or searching for a custom home built to the highest standards of excellence. At the culmination of the signature showcase, the best custom home builders and remodelers are awarded prestigious accolades as elite names in the business.

    Phil Kean Design Group Winners

    The Phil Kean Design Group team is immensely proud to have earned the Grand Award for Custom Home for the Palm Court. This home was also the 2017 New American Home, celebrated for its unique pod-style architecture and signature custom touches. Our team was also fortunate enough to be awarded First Place in the Remodel Whole House Renovation, $1.75–$2 million category, for the Thurloe home.

    As always, it is an honor and a privilege for our team to participate in the legendary Parade of HomesTM event, and be presented with these awards.

  7. 2016: A Milestone Year for Phil Kean Design Group

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    A look at 2016 for Winter Park custom home builder, Phil Kean.

    Between January 2016 and January 2017, Phil Kean Design Group started or completed a groundbreaking total of 35 luxury homes. Proving to be a banner year for the firm, 2016 saw our project costs average about $1.7 million, as well as widespread recognition for Phil Kean Design Group as one of the best modern home builders in Central Florida.

    Awards and Recognition

    In 2016, Phil Kean Design Group was named the design/build firm for the New American Show Home and the New American Remodeled Home. Both properties were built in the Lake Nona Golf & Country Club, with a grand unveiling at the 2017 International Builders’ Show. These two spectacular examples of innovative and sustainable design/build residential projects were listed with Lake Nona Realty for $5.4 million and $2.3 million, respectively.

    Impact on Central Florida Community

    Phil Kean Design Group was named Central Florida’s “Best Custom Home Builder” by the Orlando Business Journal. With headquarters on Fairbanks Avenue in the heart of Winter Park, Florida, Phil Kean Design Group is a proud and active member of the Central Florida design/build community. Through dozens of projects in the area throughout the year, our firm created approximately 400 local jobs for residents of our beloved Orlando.

    If you’re looking for the perfect partner in building your custom contemporary home, we invite you to explore the designs in our portfolio and contact our team.

  8. New American Home: Redefining Modern Home Construction

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    Unofficially nicknamed the “Palm Court” for its undeniable Palm Springs party vibe, the 2017 New American Home by Phil Kean Design Group is like nothing you’ve ever seen before. The 8,200-square foot home features an additional 4,200 square feet of outdoor living space, as well as five bedrooms, eight bathrooms and a four-car garage. Located in the Lake Nona Golf & Country Club, the $5.9 million residence showcases the latest in luxury modern home design trends, building techniques and green-building practices.

    Unique Pod-Style Residential Architecture

    With a one-of-a-kind figure-8 configuration, the house was built to feature a series of separate areas connected by breezeways. At the push of a button, the home’s glass walls open or close and can even be adjusted to accommodate everything from large crowds to intimate gatherings.

    The custom modern home is broken down into four zones – the guest bedrooms, the exercise and billiards rooms, the public/common spaces and the master bedroom. At the center of the home, a glass-enclosed great room is surrounded by a covered lanai, providing access to the swimming pool, as well as a bar, temperature-controlled wine room, kitchen and family room. Beyond the family room, an outdoor kitchen and bar lead into a game room and a spa, which includes a home gym and steam room. On the opposite side of the great room, a four-sided glass fireplace separates the master bedroom wing from the rest of the house. On the home’s roof, an outdoor kitchen is flanked by two terraces, each with its own fire pit.

    Blending Indoor and Outdoor Space

    Every space in the house is encapsulated in glass pocket doors that effectively blur the lines between indoor rooms and outdoor areas. In fact, it can be easy to forget if you are indoors or outside as you make your way through the home.

    Located in Central Florida, the home was designed to maximize outdoor living while protecting the interior spaces from overheating. Considering every detail during construction, the air flow across the pool and into the other courtyard actually keeps the temperature 15 degrees cooler inside than outside.

    Signature Custom Home Touches

    With professional golfers as neighbors and world-class greens practically in the backyard, the home would not be complete with a few unique features tying back to the sport. A planned home theater was transformed into a bar complete with a golf simulator perfect for evening practice. In the central courtyard, you’ll also find a putting green, surrounded by the glass walls of three of the home’s bedrooms.

    See more of the New American Home and its one-of-a-kind design on our portfolio.

  9. How to Work with a Custom Home Builder: 5 Tips for Results You’ll Love

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    A “dream home” looks different for everyone. For some, it includes an ultra-modern façade and minimalist interior design. For others, the ideal home would seamlessly blend the indoors and outdoors with open living spaces designed for entertaining. No matter what your idea of a perfect abode is, working with a custom home builder can help your vision come to life.

    Ensuring the results you’ve dreamt of doesn’t have to be daunting. Our team of architects and designers has worked on countless custom home projects, learning the ins and outs of working with clients to achieve their ultimate home goals. The following are the top tips we have to share to forge a strong partnership with a luxury modern home builder and create your one-of-a-kind living space.

    1. Quality qualifications and references matter.

    You deserve to work with a firm that truly understands your wants and needs. Throughout your design/build process, you should feel confident that what is designed is what will be built. To ensure a smooth, communicative process, you’ll want to work with a custom home builder that has impeccable qualifications, a portfolio of existing luxury custom homes that makes your heart beat faster, and a substantial list of recent references. Look for architects and firms, like Phil Kean and Phil Kean Design Group (PKDG), that have a worldwide reputation for excellence and caring personal service that keeps each client at the center of the process start to finish.

    2. Set the tone for your project with a thorough consultation.

    As with most large-scale projects, communication is key to results you’ll love. When working with a custom home builder, you want to feel like yours is the only project their attention is focused on. A personal, face-to-face meeting can give you that peace of mind and a glimpse into what your relationship with the architect and designers will be like.

    At PKDG, we offer clients warm, welcoming complimentary personal consultations, allowing you to explore your vision with an experienced professional. “We sit with a client and listen, really listen,” says Phil about the start of any partnership. “We discuss your architectural vision, your home site’s views and features and discuss how to match the design to your budget. Ultimately, we want learn all we can about your unique lifestyle.”

    3. Schedule frequent checkpoints throughout the design process.

    When building your dream home, it’s vital that you are allowed to be intimately involved in every aspect of the design process. Your design contract review should include a design requirement checklist for you to complete so your priorities are front and center, which is exactly what you will get working with PKDG. After conceptual designs are approved, you and PKDG will meet and revise 3D renderings until your custom luxury home plans and budget get your seal of “perfection.”

    4. Look for a flexible and accountable team you can trust.

    Working with a design/build firm like PKDG means you continue working with a team you know and trust for the best in modern home construction. There’s no handing your design off to another firm to build. You’ll be introduced to your own PKDG construction manager and selections coordinator and enjoy the confidence of weekly meetings. To ensure your total satisfaction, PKDG encourages design changes throughout the design and build process.

    5. Integrate interior design into the design and construction phases.

    Your dream home should be cohesive, freely flowing from the outside in and from room to room. Interior design plays a key role in accomplishing this, which is why it should be strongly considered during the design and construction phases. At PKDG, our internationally renowned PKDG Interiors firm is interwoven throughout the design and building processes, resulting in spaces that are quite spectacularly “you.” Our signature PKDG interiors include sustainability, integrating natural materials, utilizing the latest technologies and seamless transitions between indoor and outdoor living spaces. “We work all kinds of interior design details into the process, it’s all about how clients see themselves living in the home,’ says Rob Turner, President of PKDG Interior Design.

    If you’re looking for the perfect partner in building your custom contemporary home, we invite you to explore the designs in our portfolio and contact our team. As Phil puts it, “It all comes down to excellence and service. That’s what we strive for with every single custom home we build.”

  10. The Golden Ratio and Modern Residential Architecture with Proportion

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    Architecture is a blend of art and engineering; mastery of the golden ratio in modern architecture is a lifelong endeavor.

    We strive to create structures that are aesthetically pleasing, functional, and enduring. Aesthetics, or how we humans perceive an object, is, perhaps, the most ephemeral aspect of architecture. Perception is highly dependent on our frame of reference and what we regard as familiar.

    What we perceive as beautiful is to a great extent based on proportions—how various parts of a whole relate to one another.

    We find that many of our clients, whether they have a background in design or not, have an inherent sense of proportion when it comes to the size and shape of a room or other components of a home. It’s as if that sense of proportion is built into our brains from birth.

    The History of Perfect Proportions

    Our distant ancestors in Egypt, Greece, and Rome recognized and recorded their observations on how beauty could be quantified in terms of the proportions of a given body or object. In fact, they came up with a mathematical interpretation of the ideal proportional building block. Although it originated in the early works of civilization, it is still applied in mathematics, art, music, and a host of other artistic, engineering, and scientific pursuits.

    The Greeks referred to it as Phi. While the more widely known “pi” is the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter, “phi” is the ratio of line segments that occur when a line is divided in a specific way. Unlike “pi”, which is a transcendental number, “phi” is the solution to a quadratic equation. It creates an ideal rectangle.

    Phi = 1.618803…ad nauseam. Like pi, it’s a number that goes into infinity.

    Down through history, Phi has also been known as the Divine Proportion, the Golden Ratio, the Golden Section, the Golden Mean, the Golden Triangle, the Golden Rectangle, and other similar names that reflect its value to the practitioner of whatever specialty it is being applied to.

    Marcus Vitruvius Pollio, a Roman architect who lived and worked during the reign of Augustus Caesar, wrote a treatise on architecture that assembled and described what the ancients knew about the subject. Now known as the Ten Books of Architecture, De Architectura viewed architecture as an imitation of nature and explored man’s sense of proportion, especially as it relates to the human body.

    Renaissance architects and artists like Andrea Palladio, Leon Battista Alberti, and Leonardo da Vinci realized that ancient generations were on to something with the concept of the ideal proportion in aesthetics. They adapted and enhanced the theory that we are predisposed to find certain proportions more visually pleasing than those that jarringly deviate from that ideal. This focus on incorporating the “Divine Proportion” in art and architecture formed a key underpinning of classical architecture from that point on.

    golden ratio modern architecture the-golden-ratio

    The Golden Ratio and Modern Architecture

    During the 20th century, a significant number of modern architects tended to break away from the ideal proportions of classical architecture. The results were often not well received.

    Today, many architects seem to be returning to the “Golden Ratio” as an important tool in crafting the appearance of structures ranging from massive institutional and commercial buildings to single-family homes. Phil Kean, whom is a modern residential architect, agrees with this approach.

    “At Phil Kean Design Group, we have a deep respect for these ancient theories and generally adhere to the ideal strictures of proportion when creating modern house plans. Proportions may vary somewhat, but we try to remain conscious of that Golden Ratio. If we deviate from it, we make sure that the deviation will enhance rather than detract from the overall aesthetics and functionality of the structure,” says Kean.

    “Since we always begin with the floor plan rather than the facade or front elevation, the finished layout invariably suggests how that facade should look and as a result, it too is based on the golden ratio.”

    • Jim O’Leary, Winter Park Home

    If you are interested in speaking with Phil Kean Design Group about designing your luxury residence or remodel, please complete the form below and a representative we will be in touch.


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