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  1. 7 Things You Need to Know About the Interior Design of Your New Home

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    Building a new luxury home can be exciting – and overwhelming! The possibilities are endless and the ability to customize is limited only by your imagination. So, what do you need to know about interior design as you embark on one of life’s most exhilarating journeys? Here are our top seven tips to get you started!

    1. Entertainment

    Your desire to entertain will hold sway over the interior design of your home. Rather than having smaller, separate rooms and limited seating, for example, you will want to have a more open-concept layout that is conducive to gatherings. Allowing and encouraging people to mingle in various open spaces–whether it be around the kitchen or outdoors–is key to hosting memorable social events.

    2.  Iconic Pieces

    interior design tv room

    Décor is all-important to the interior design of your home. From tying rooms together conceptually to standing out as eye-catching conversation starters, the right iconic pieces are excellent for adding that “pop” to any space. Best of all, they can either conform to or diverge from the rest of your styling, giving you the flexibility to choose something that speaks to you.

    3.  Natural Light

    Lighting can make or break a space, so it is vital to consider it when designing your home. Even the direction that windows face can drastically change the feeling of openness a particular room may have. Remember, natural light is softer than artificial lighting and makes your space feel larger and more inviting.

    4.  Lighting Plan

    A well thought-out lighting plan can be a magical factor that transforms your home into a true luxury dwelling. From setting a particular mood or highlighting a featured piece in your home, the advantages of strategic lighting are worth looking at with a professorial eye when considering the interior design of your new space.

    5.  Furniture Pieces

    While there is a multitude of retailers with collections of furniture, a truly luxurious home will have custom furniture pieces that not only fit the needs of its owner but also blend seamlessly into the design of the structure and the concept of the design. These custom touches can be the difference between an extraordinary, award-winning interior design and one that feels nondescript.

    6.  Concepts

    interior design at baypoint

    Whether you want each room to flow naturally into the next, or you want distinct styles for each, determining and deciding on which concepts to use is integral to making your dream come to life. A beach house, for example, may have a single, cohesive house-wide theme, while a home for a family with young children may want a distinct theme for each of the children’s bedrooms.

    7.  Comfort

    Homes serve many purposes–from hosting friends and family to entertaining–but at the end of the day, they are just that: a home. It’s where you live, where you spend the majority of your time, and where your most treasured memories are made. So, no matter how breathtaking you want your designs or how elaborate your décor may be, be sure to fuse the beauty of your design with comfort that facilitates deep rest and relaxation. Don’t let this key aspect of your home get lost in the excitement of building something incredible!

    Our final thoughts…

    Creating a piece of art is exciting, and that excitement is only compounded when your artistic creation is your own home! No matter what direction you decide to take when deciding on the interior design of  your dream home, be sure to partner with designers and builders that will dream with you and help guide you toward making your imagination come to life. Look for accolades and a portfolio that represents the vision you have in mind.

    If you are interested in speaking to the design team at Phil Kean Designs Group, please fill in the form below and our staff will reach out to you. Thank you for reading!

  2. Visionary Bedroom Designs by Leading Custom Home Builder

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    Whether you’re building your ideal home or remodeling your current abode, one-of-a-kind inspiration for stunning, unique and ultra-livable luxury bedroom designs is hard to come by. Unless you know where to look. As can be seen in the portfolio section of our website, Phil Kean Design Group has extensive experience creating dream-worthy bedroom and master suite designs. How does our team put forth award-winning work time and time again? It’s all in the process.

    Dream Locations Accent Custom Bedroom Designs

    “Great design always starts with how we site a home on the land,” Kean said in a recent interview. “We work with each client to maximize views and the aesthetic experience of every room of their home.”

    Mountain View - North Carolina - Sustainable Design

    From the mountaintops to lakefront builds, the bedroom design results of that philosophy are undeniably spectacular. For the owners of a mountaintop contemporary home, the master-suite encompasses vistas of the Blue Ridge and Smoky mountains. Floor to ceiling low-e windows and doors were used to bring a panorama of the ranges, treetops and sky seamlessly into the experience of the room. For a custom lakefront home in Florida, the unique bedroom design lets the owners wake up feeling like they are floating amidst the lake views outside.

    Lifestyle as Inspiration for Unique Bedroom Layouts
    “We create every home’s unique plan around how our clients envision using the space,” states Kean. “That means taking into account where the bedroom design will fit into the plan of the whole house.”

    For a tranquil sanctuary, like PKDG created in the highly awarded NeMo home in Winter Park, FL, set the master suite in a space that feels separate and quietly apart. Since the PKDG is known for bringing the latest in green building and technology into their jaw-dropping custom contemporary homes, it isn’t surprising that the NeMo bedroom design also featured a soothing wall fountain and mesmerizing “floating” fireplace. No wonder Orlando Home & Leisure named this design “Best Bedroom of the Year.”

    Modena Master Bedroom

    Finishing the Bedroom with Personal Touches

    Adding a library space may be appropriate for those who love to retire to the boudoir for an evening with a good novel, while the latest audio/video technologies might be more enthralling for movie lovers. When it comes to creating one-of-a-kind bedroom spaces, it’s all in the personal touches. For private romantic breakfasts on the master-suite lanai, site the room overlooking the pool but not the rest of the home. To create a spa feeling, inspiration can be found in the bedroom designs that flow seamlessly into PKDG’s breathtaking master baths—especially those that blur the lines between indoor and outdoor living.

    If you are ready to begin crafting the bedroom you have always wanted, PKDG’s architectural and/or interior design services will make your dreams a reality. From extraordinary custom-built furnishings, to artistic lighting and unique wall and floor treatments, the stunning array of custom luxury homes in our portfolio can help you envision a bedroom that says to your heart and your eye, “Yes, this is exactly right.”