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  1. 4 Luxury Home Design Trends You Will See In 2020

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    The new year is just around the corner and close behind it are 2020’s newest home design trends that will take luxury homes by storm. Here are four of our favorite up-and-coming home design trends that you will see in 2020:

    1. Prioritizing Personalization
    2. State-of-the-Art Home Fitness Centers
    3. Thoughtful Outdoor Spaces
    4. Unbelievable Kitchens

    Prioritizing Personalization


    dream living room 2020

    Photo Source: Uneek Image

    One of the hardest parts about designing a modern residence is standing out from the crowd of typical luxury home designs.

    However, with so many cues devolving from fresh to standard in the luxury space, once unique elements have become commonplace and some have lost their luster.

    In 2020, we’ll see them get back being designed as one-of-a-kind, truly bespoke residences.

    Personalization is key – your home design should satisfy your needs, desires and the functions you will need in your home. Your version of luxury, function and décor should vary from others’ – we all have our own style, tastes, and lifestyle goals in and from our homes.

    However, one thing is certain–including the most current amenities and technology will increase your home’s comfort and enhance its livability.

    Working with a world class designer ensures your home’s amenities, layout, furniture, and flow will reflect your personal style and work in harmony with your daily routine, entertainment and lifestyle needs.

    State-of-the-Art Home Fitness Centers



    Photo Source: Roger Davies

    Health and wellness are always in style–Americans are exercising more than ever. In 2020, that won’t change at all.

    However, in 2020, home gyms will increasingly and conveniently be moving inside your home! There are many reasons for this trend, and taking advantage of this opportunity to build your dream home gym is just a stone’s throw away. Incorporating fitness facilities into your luxury design can take many forms, further pushing the personalized aspect of custom residences. The options you choose will ultimately depends on your fitness preferences and what you enjoy.

    A home fitness center with the latest machines and innovations elevates your home design by integrating custom sound features and by giving you a tremendous view into nature or the ocean from a full wall of windows. If you enjoy breathing fresh air while you workout, giving our gym indoor/outdoor versatility can make it even more functional and unique.

    From mini yoga and pilates studios to swim spas and plunge pools–these are many of the fantastic additions to health-conscious residence. Including an onsite spa complete with showers, a sauna, a massage room, a hot tub, and any other type of recovery equipment can complete your luxury fitness experience and keep you achieving your daily health goals.

    Thoughtful Outdoor Spaces


    outdoor spaces for home 2020

    Photo Source: Uneek Image

    High-end homes differentiate themselves in many. Those with thoughtfully-designed outdoor spaces stand out amongst the crowd.

    Thoughtfully designed outdoor spaces function as an extension of your home as an additional living area, which allows you and your guests to enjoy the outdoors in comfort.

    The top home amenities to your outdoor space in 2020 will include spacious lanais, built-in retractable screens, misters, fully-loaded outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, TV’s specialty lighting, and custom furniture.

    Of course, customized pools with spas and tanning shelves make our luxury home design wish list too.

    Lavish pools with features such as waterfalls and infinity edges will speckle the most dazzling homes you’ll see heading into 2020. The leisurely life is moving outdoors and those residences that have this al fresco flair will rank high in luxury home design.

    Unbelievable Kitchens


    kitchen island design ideas 2020

    Photo Source: Uneek Image

    phil kean kitchens 2020

    photo © Stephen Allen, All Rights Reserved.

    Gourmet kitchens will never go out of style, but the design and functionality of them do change.

    Luxury kitchens in 2020 could contain warming drawers, wine cabinets, smart cooking appliances and hidden walk-in pantries. They can be designed to provide all the tools necessary to prepare and present gourmet meals as well as serve as part of the home’s living and entertainment areas.

    As guests tend to gravitate toward the kitchen, creating spaces for collaboration or conversation over meal preparation will be a trend continuing in the coming year.

    This means we’ll see more counter space than ever, open layouts that facilitate flow and unobstructed sightlines, and expertly-placed lighting.

    There’s no doubt that you want to have your finger on the pulse of the latest home design trends when designing your custom home. Phil Kean Design Group prioritizes setting the latest home trends and collaborating with you to create a dream home that will satisfy your distinctive requirements and unique lifestyle! If you’re building or renovating a luxury home and would like to speak with Phil Kean Design Group, please fill in the form below and we will be in touch.


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  2. From Vision to Reality: Custom Modern Homes

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    Building a custom modern home is a highly personal and large investment of your time and resources. To ensure your new abode perfectly reflects your needs, wants and lifestyle, you need a custom home designed with you in mind. Specifically, you need an architect and custom home builder that will get to know you so well, the floor plan of your home will bring all of your dreams to life, and then some.

    A firm priding itself on achieving just that is the much-awarded Phil Kean Design Group of Winter Park, Florida. Internationally acclaimed architect, Phil Kean, president of PKDG, enjoys a particularly excellent reputation for creating custom modern homes that not only win every design award going, clients love how their custom floor plans reflect their personal aesthetic visions and unique lifestyles.

    “The first step is always listening to our clients,” says Phil Kean. “We listen, ask questions and look at some of our existing homes to spark our clients to envision the flow, look and livability of their own modern floor plan. Then we listen some more.”

    From there, the process of designing luxury custom homes involves the following considerations.

    Maximizing the Potential of Home Sites with Luxury Home Design

    Custom, modern home designs should address the advantages of a home site as well as adhere to the homeowner’s budget. Experienced in transforming empty lots into award-winning modern new construction, PKDG’s personalized process, from individualized home design to completion, focuses on utilizing every square foot of a home site in the grandest way possible.

    “Our designs always starts with the site,” Kean continues. “We walk the land with clients, see what views are available, and create a floor plan that will blur the lines between indoor and outdoor living. That is so important to how people want to live today.”

    Further, the firm is known for “Lots of checkpoints,” states Kean, “where we stop and review where we are with our clients and make adjustments, sometimes finding surprising new elements or ideas the homeowners hadn’t considered to make a luxury custom home warmly their own.”

    Working Interior Design Styles into House Plans

    Working with a firm like PKDG, with its own internationally award-winning interior design division, is ideal when you’re building a custom, modern home. “We work with the client to get specialty engineering done if that’s necessary for the interior design. There are all kinds of individual details to work out. It’s like a puzzle, or a dance,” says Kean. “Ideally we have a concept of how furnishings would go. It’s all about what the client wants. Do they have a piano or an art collection? Do they entertain? Every home is one of a kind.”

    Inspiration for your Modern House Design

    Inspiration for your modern home design can be found anywhere from the great outdoors to the pages of renowned architecture publications. The digital realm also offers endless examples of the best and newest visions to set your home apart. As one of the world’s most highly acclaimed firms for modern custom home architecture, green building, innovative interior design and personal service, our portfolio section of www.philkeandesigns.com is a really great place to start envisioning your dream home.