Residential Designer Architects Who Understand Luxury

Phil Kean Design Group is a team of luxury residential architects committed to helping you realize your vision of home. We build luxury residential properties that are distinct, tasteful and timeless—spaces that inspire people to live their life to the fullest.

Refined Elegance, a Marriage Between Form and Function

Innovative and refined ideas set us apart from other residential architecture firms. We are masters of thinking outside the box, and we are skilled at artfully marrying form and function to create high-end homes.

Our portfolio of award-winning projects represents the highest level in design creativity. Each design is tailored to meet your desires, dreams, and needs—and to be sensitive to the environments in which they are built.

A Home That Represents How You Work and Play

The homes that we build represent clients, including their lifestyles—particularly how they work and play. Because our residential architects design custom homes, you can showcase the beautiful objects you own, the cars you love to drive, the wine you collect, the art that inspires you.

A Touch of California and Miami Modernism

Our work is inspired by Neutra, Schindler, and Frank Lloyd Wright, and includes the nuances of California and Miami modernism. We also showcase traditional, classical, Tuscan, and Spanish Mediterranean-inspired homes.

‘Green’ Luxury Homes

Phil Kean Design Group understands the impact of sustainability in designing our clients’ homes. That’s why we create “green” luxury homes; we use practices that efficiently allocate resources from the design to the construction process. This allows us to create homes with extended life spans, homes which employ recyclable materials and homes that require less maintenance.

In addition, the luxury residential properties that we build promote the efficient use of water, energy and materials.

We have the following certifications:

Passionate and Talented In-House Team

Our in-house team is comprised of passionate and talented individuals, including architects, interior designers and construction managers to name a few. These professionals are true artists who bring their full expertise to each project we take on.

Let Phil Kean Design Group build your luxury dream home and make your vision a reality. Call us for a free initial consultation.