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Aug ‘20

The Impact of Architecture on Mood, Health & Well-being


The Impact of Architecture on Mood, Health & Well-being

A beautifully crafted luxury residence is incomplete if it does not serve the lifestyle and well-being of the homeowner.

An aesthetically beautiful building can be stunning by design alone, but do aesthetics alone matter if the luxury modern home design lacks the balance and appropriate elements needed to create a functional and tranquil living space?

Creating a home that surfaces the impact of architecture on the human psyche–it’s not just about aesthetics. It also creates comfort, enjoyment, convenience, and ease of living. It should make an occupant’s experience within that space both relaxing and inspiring, and further, it should enhance someone’s mood—not detract from it.

With thoughtful design and placement—especially when it comes to lighting, views, space, and materials—a home can truly become a modern, luxury residence that elevates and enhances a homeowner’s mood, health and wellbeing.


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Natural Light vs Artificial Light

Over the past couple hundreds of years, people have been spending more of their time indoors than in the outdoors. As a result, incorporating a variety of light sources to achieve ample indoor lighting has created a crucial impact of architecture, especially in the home. Since light and the source of the light impacts our moods, this topic is uniquely important to our well-being.

Emphasizing and implementing design for natural light in a luxury home (and relying less on artificial lighting) can help regulate the homeowner’s circadian clock, quality of sleep, digestion, and energy. Importantly, natural light can also assist with the release of serotonin in the body—a hormone known as the “happy hormone” that helps regulate mood and promote feelings of calmness and focus.

Further, implementing natural light, as well as beautiful views of the outdoors (through floor-to-ceiling glass walls or large windows, etc.) into a modern, luxury home’s design can help people observe the activity in the natural world outside while remaining inside—it promotes a feeling of connectivity to nature.

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Versatile, Well-Designed Spaces

Creating exciting, engaging spaces is another important design principle used to encourage physical, physiological, and psychological well-being—especially when it comes to crafting custom-designed spaces that suit the homeowner’s tastes and preferences.

Luxury, modern homes offer the benefit of versatile home design for each homeowner. Implementing thoughtfully designed spaces created specifically for each homeowner allows people the flexibility to enjoy spaces exactly as they wish.

The homeowner is granted the freedom to explore and tailor their home’s spaces for their individual needs, preferences and lifestyle.

For example, designing a large, open kitchen that can freely function as a dining space, a workspace, and an operating kitchen simultaneously.

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