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Sep ‘14

Modern Florida Architecture and Home Design 3-Step Approach


Modern Florida architects at Phil Kean Design Group focus on creating living spaces that command attention with striking, contemporary design features while also delivering warm and inviting living spaces. At our firm, we have a proven 3-step approach to fashioning one-of-a-kind luxurious spaces, through which we are able to seamlessly move through the stages of concept, design and execution.

Our Inspiration

Frank Lloyd Wright and his unique creations play a particularly large role in inspiring the minds at PKDG to produce award-winning, innovative modern home designs.

Our Signature Style

Blending the outdoors and indoors, our team of professionals creates home environments that allow residents to enjoy every inch of their home and make the most of their surroundings.

Timeless Appeal

While modern design features unique elements and characteristics, it also exhibits a classic appeal. With a thorough understanding of spacing, color and flow theories, the modern architects and designers at Phil Kean Design Group are able to create spaces that remain contemporary yet timeless.

If you’d like to see more of our modern architecture and design, browse through our portfolio of work to view recent projects.