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Mar ‘17

Phil Kean Kitchen and Bath Showroom Set to Transform Contemporary New Construction and Remodels

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Spring 2017, the grand opening of the Phil Kean Kitchen and Bath Showroom signals an exciting new era for homeowners, custom home builders, and interior designers seeking to create the kind of mesmerizing, luxury contemporary home living spaces for which the much-awarded Phil Kean Design Group is internationally renowned.

Phil Kean, regarded as one of Florida’s best modern home builders, expounded on why he and his group saw a need for the extraordinary new showroom located next to the PKDG offices in Winter Park, FL.

Exclusive Showroom Features the Best in Modern House Designs

“We created the showroom as a functional and stunning sensory space where our clients could experience, touch and ‘feel’ the kinds of new products I get to see at global trade shows that are not available in Florida yet,” Kean explained. “I have a different eye than most people. Now we can show clients what I saw in an environment where they can envision these new products in the heart and soul of their own custom contemporary home.”

In addition to PKDG clients, the by-appointment-only showroom will serve homeowners, custom builders, and design professionals in the luxury home design-build community in Central Florida and beyond. “The Kitchen and Bath Showroom has already been very successful and well-received,” Kean said.

When asked why he thinks that is, the respected custom contemporary home architect and builder replied, “I think it’s our commitment to excellence. Clients will look at things that they have never seen before, or considered, because they trust your commitment to excellence and service.”

Not surprisingly those two core elements, excellence and service, are the basis of the PKDG mission statement.

A History of Award-Winning Kitchen and Bath Luxury Modern Home Spaces

Heart-stopping kitchens and baths are certainly a staple of the Phil Kean and PKDG repertoire. The firm’s awards list is impressive. Accolades like the 2015 Grand Aurora Award: Bath $2,000,000–$3,000,000 are something of a common occurrence. In addition, visitors to the Phil Kean-designed 2017 New American Home and New American Remodeled Home at the 2017 International Builders’ Show were once again enamored of entertainment-focused kitchens.

Showroom Set to Bring Luxury Custom Homes to the Next Level

The Phil Kean Kitchen and Bath Showroom features the best of the best in forward thinking aesthetics for kitchens and baths for luxury contemporary home plans. Unprecedented collections include architectural lighting, cabinetry, fixtures, decorative hardware, storage systems and more.

The Phil Kean Kitchen and Bath Showroom is located next to the PKDG offices at:
952 W. Fairbanks Avenue
Winter Park, FL 32789
Ph: 407-622-1636

Showroom hours, by appointment only.

To learn more about Phil Kean’s distinct kitchen and bath styles, visit the Phil Kean Kitchens website at