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Apr ‘19

Custom Interiors to Inspire

custom interiors

custom interiors

What do you envision when you imagine your ideal home? Perhaps images of graceful architectural curves, striking glass fronts, alluring water features and a perfectly-manicured lawn with a hummingbird or two eating the nectar from the flowers growing by your window.

To the refined homeowner, the design doesn’t stop at the exterior. In fact, while “curb appeal” is what first catches the eye, it’s the way your interiors are composed that expresses your unique touch–and it is, after all, where you will spend the majority of your time, both living and entertaining. As such, the interior should glisten just as brightly and be equally as mesmerizing as the exterior.

Such an effect is almost impossible to achieve with retail furnishings and cookie-cutter lamps, ottomans and sofas. While for most, there are certainly advantages to shopping retail–convenience, accessibility and of course a low budget entry–custom interiors offer a much more complete ensemble for a relative investment.

The real difference that custom interiors and furnishings make may not be obvious at first. Yes, they’re certainly more unique than those available in the retail space, but the real value to you is that they allow the inside of your home to reflect your inspirations, everything you desire–original authentic and completely your own fingerprint.

Perhaps even more impressive is the ability of custom interiors to do what retail options cannot do–fit seamlessly, hand in glove, into your singular home design. In a way, the word custom says it all–your furnishings, hand-selected and specifically built to complement your home, with its unique layouts, dimensions and styles.

From custom built-ins in your entertainment space and stunning tables in your kitchens and family rooms to the picture-perfect appointment of artwork by the front entrance – your home can be your canvas and with the right team to help you in the process, you can wake up every day to a symphony of colors, woods, fabrics and iconic pieces that enlighten, revive and bring you the serenity and joy you deserve.

Phil Kean Design Group is renowned for its award-winning architectural designs and carries that same visionary innovation into our custom interior work. A glance into the portfolio of interior design projects is all you’ll need to be inspired by the unmatched creativity and skill. Stunning glass-surround fireplaces, gorgeous natural-wood tables, clean modern lines and tastefully chosen artwork and iconic pieces draw the eye and awaken the senses.

In short, custom interiors fit what you want, not vice versa. Rather than trying to force mismatched pieces into harmony with each other and your home, custom interior adapt to and are molded to shape you. From your minimalist open spaces to the intimate master bedroom, each space in your home can possess its own sacred individuality.

With time, we become so familiar with our dwelling that we can forget the potential that it possesses. Countless house were poured into the blueprints, the selection of materials would adorn the exterior, which hedges would best compliment the brick and how the lines of the structure would appear from each possible angle. Shouldn’t your living space be given the same attention? From stimulating wallpapers and hand-built sofas to magnificent light fixtures and beds fit for royalty, if you’re seeking to elevate your home to the upper echelons of design both to live in and entertain with – Phil Kean Design Group is here to help guide you in your quest.

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“Custom interiors offer a complete ensemble for a relative investment.”